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Be kind to your elders and say your prayers after dark,

For all crooked souls will be cursed with the mark.

When the swelling appears with a nettling itch,

You’ll be cast out, for you belong to the Witch.

Those with the mark will be sent to the woods,

To keep the wicked far from the pious and good.

And all who enter the Witch’s domain,

Will be not seen, nor heard from, ever again.


- Author Unknown

Artwork by Katie Sawatsky - 2022. Click on a page to view in full screen mode.

Written by Kyle J. Smith and Illustrated by Katie Sawatsky, Blackmouth is a gothic mystery drenched in fantasy, horror, and witchcraft - published by RAID Press.

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Q1 2023


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Blackmouth © 2017-2022, Kyle J. Smith. All rights reserved.

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